101 in 1001

Have you ever heard of 101 in 1001? A group of my friends stumbled across the idea and pretty soon every blog we looked at had their own posting of 101 in 1001. Well what is it?

It's 101 goals in 1001 days - and it's the reason I'm starting this desserts food blog. The three of us sat down and wrote out what 101 things we wanted to accomplish in 1001 days.

#99 on my 101

I never saw myself starting a food blog until my best friend Shelby encouraged me to do it. For years I'd been baking different treats for each of our girls' nights, and she finally convinced me that it'd be a good idea to share these recipes and tips with any body out there who was interested in what I'm whipping up! The funny thing is that if there's one thing more I love to do than bake for my family and friends it's to teach others how to make the recipes that I was able to fill them up on :).

I started my 101 back in October, and after making my way through New Zealand and Australia for 4 months, I'm finally back & ready to bake my heart out. But even better, I'm back to crossing off the goals on my list the I've accomplished. So if you're sitting around on this rainy day start your own 101 in 1001! Who knows maybe you'll end up doing something you never thought you would.

Click here to see my full 101 and be inspired to make your own.  


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