"Better than Sex"... I Mean... "Better than Anything" Cake

Better Than Sex Cake

Yesterday was my best friend/amazing big's birthday! Lucky number 22 :) The plan was to spend the day poolside then have ourselves a potluck BBQ that night; but, the thunderstorms said otherwise.

No matter, there was a birthday and that means there was birthday cake! In years past, I've made Dani my traditional birthday cake: fluffy white icing on white cake - most people refer to this as 'wedding cake' but since it's my go to birthday cake that's what I'll always refer to it as.
Danielle's 21st "Birthday Cake"

But truth be told, I had already made both my brother and another best friend birthday cakes a few weeks ago, and I needed a change up! So yes, my reasons were selfish, but the better than sex - i mean - better than anything cake is so gooey and rich I knew dani would love it.

Happy Birthday Dani!
Better than sex cake is such an easy cake to whip up and goes great with a BBQ (a good recipe to put out this 4th of July!).

The goods you'll need to gather are:

 1. Box German Chocolate Cake Mix/the makings for it (Duncan Heinz preferably, see Semihomemade)
2. 1 large tub of cool whip (or 2 small ones)
3. One bag Heath Toffee Bar Bits
4. One can Sweetened Condensed Milk
5. One Jar of Caramel (I prefer a butterscotch caramel for this cake)
6. One large 13 x 9 cake pan

Baked and Cooled Cake
1. The first step to making this over-the-top cake is baking off a german chocolate cake. I bake mine in a greased and floured 13 x 9 cake pan. There's no need to bake using the Wilton method here because we are going to be soaking this cake with sweetened condensed milk and caramel later :) (yay! we won't make a dry cake even if we try!!)

2. After the cake has cooled, take the bottom of a wooden spoon and poke holes into the cake. Yes, you heard me, run the bottom of the spoon down into the cake. What we're doing is making wells for the caramel and condensed milk to run into. You want to poke a hole one right after the other until the entire cake looks is a matrix of holes (excuse my TECHiness). Just don't mutilate the cake entirely. 

3. Now it's time to pour the can* of sweetened condensed milk over the cake. Be sure to pour into the wells we just made so that it can soak down below. Then add about 1/2-3/4 of the jar of butterscoth caramel. 
*Side note: always rinse off the tops of cans before you open them because you don't know how long it's been sitting on a self and who/what has touched it and we don't want that grime in our food. 

4. After we've made our cake moist and gooey, take your bag of Heath Toffee Bar Bits and sprinkle about half of the bag in an even layer onto the cake. 

See, too easy right?

5. Once you've spread the toffee bits, take your tub of cool whip and spread it evenly over the cake. No need to be perfect here. 

Finally, sprinkle the rest of the toffee bits in an even layer on top of the cool whip!

I told you, easiest cake ever. 

6. Now if you can resist, I find the way to make the best Better than Sex cake is to make it one night ahead and let it soak overnight. I know, crazy right, me letting a cake sit in my fridge for 8 hours, but it's completely worth it! 

Pictures From The Party 

Dessert Table
Glitter Wine Glasses
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows


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