Why Dessert First?

Unlike most bloggers, I’m still at the age where I’m making my way through college; trying to find time and of course money to do one of my most favorite pastimes – bake! Luckily, a perk of being a college student is that I’m never without hungry mouths to feed. Unlike most of my friends, I have an insanely sweet tooth - if you’re a salty person I just don’t understand you. We can blame my mother for that one. She always had a rule and I’ve found that the logic behind it is entirely sound: you’ve got to pick and choose your calories, and if we’re picking and choosing what to fill up on, why not let it be the good stuff, the stuff you crave, the stuff you know you’re going to end up eating no matter what (unless you have will power, which as ya’ll will find out is something I lack when it comes to desserts). 

She always said why waste your calories making your way through a plate to get to what you really want? You have to pick dessert first- always.  


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