Fondant: Helpful Tips
Fondant is a great tool that can help make any cake design. You can use stencils, cookie cutters, the CricutCake, or even a toothpick and knife to create any design you want. There are a few simple tricks that will help you achieve the cake you want.

1. Always keep any fondant you're not working with in an airtight container
2. Never get fondant wet - it turns into a melted, goopy mess
3. Crisco = StickCorn starch = Slide
- If you want the fondant to stick to a surface, like when your rolling it out, cover the surface with a thin layer of crisco
- If the fondant is too sticky dab it with corn starch, or if you need it to come off a surface cover the surface with a thin layer of cornstarch
4. Fondant doesn't lie: if you have crumbs, fuzz, or food coloring on your hands/surface it will show

Always remember fondant is just an edible form of play-doh, so there's nothing to be worked up about! Just use your imagination to roll out, cut out, and shape anything you want.

3D Designs
Any design that needs to support its shape without resting flat on the cake, like a bow or flowers, need a mixture of gum paste and fondant. The ratio is about a grape size of gum paste for a clementine size of fondant. The gum paste helps the fondant to really harden. Once it dries, it wont be able to be retouched without breaking, so be sure you dry it in a way that you'll want it to rest on the cake.

2D Designs
Designs that will lay flat on the cake can be made just using fondant. To get your design to stick to the surface of the cake, create a fondant glue.

Fondant Glue
Fill a ramekin with water and a dime-sized piece of fondant. 
Dissolve the fondant in the water. 
Use a paintbrush or your finger to dab the back of design. 


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