Monogram Chevron Cake


It was big/little week in my sorority, so that meant it was time to whip up a cake to welcome the littlest! She's particularly preppy and loves lilly print so we decided to go with a monogram of her name, a chevron pattern, and a 5 point crown for ZTA. 

The fondant designs were made using a rolling-pin, food coloring, and a knife. All the designs I free-handed and cut-out. If you don't trust yourself free handing, see Cake templates and make a stencil for your design.

To Make Your Own
1. Sprinkle a little cornstarch on the surface
2. Mix food coloring into white fondant, and knead until color is even. 
3. Spread a thin layer of crisco on your surface and on the rolling pin.
4. Roll your fondant to 1/16" thick **
5. Draw you design and cut it out
6. Use fondant glue to adhere it to the surface of the cake
7. TA-DA! it's as easy as play-doh


  1. This looks perfect and I know it tastes delicious!! <3 you're amazing.

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks so much <33 love you


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