Breakfast In Bed


So I stumbled across two really great posts on pinterest. The first, Sarah had the cutest idea for a breakfast in bed in a bag! ( I loved this idea and since my boyfriend and I are pretty cheesy and always looking to surprise each other, I thought this would be such a great way to brighten up his morning. The second post, by Jess, gave me all the great fonts I needed to pull off my breakfast in bed in a bag! (

For my bag, I made out of the box Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread. It's perfectly delicious, just substitute milk for water and it makes the bread really moist. Also, don't forget to make the glaze! 

Then I bought some yogurt, a Simple Orange Juice (Casey's favorite), and a granola bar. But of course, fill it with your favorites.

For the most part I used Sarah's poem, but changed it around just a little. To make your breakfast bag even more special, print the poem directly onto the brown paper bag. Also be sure to use Jess's hand-picked fonts. 

To print, tape down the flap on the back of the bag. Be sure to load it into the paper tray of your printer so it prints in the right orientation.



  1. this is TOO darling! love it and love your blog. i am a girl with a major sweet tooth as well! :) now following you!

  2. thank you soo much! I'm still new to blogging so would love any bit of feedback!!


  3. Cute!! Love that you two are "cheesy" so are we!!! I love the fonts too ;) Happy you liked the idea <3 Sarah with an H


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