Valentine's {Week} Recap

Valentine's Day{Week} Recap

My Chocolate Cream Cake

After a weekend of celebrating, I'm so happy to say that this was one of my favorite Valentine's day. My festivities started Monday when I had two of my girlfriends over to show them how to make a chocolate cream cake (the same one I was going to make Case later that week). I think they were surprised how easy it was to make and how tasty and elegant it turns out!
Blair's Chocolate Cream Cake

Casey and I couldn't celebrate on actual Valentine's day, but that didn't stop my best friends and me from celebrating - or stop Casey from surprising me with a bouquet of my favorite flowers, lilies

Danielle, Shelby, Hayden and I all stepped in the kitchen and prepared our Valentine's day feast! 
On the menu
Potatoes Bravas (courtesy of Mr. Hayden - good lord those things are good) and a Pesto Puff Pastry, Smoked Gouda and Crimini Mushroom Risotto, and then Shelby's and my favorite dessert Raspberry Dumplings. 
Nom nom :)

Friday finally came and Casey didn't fail to deliver! He was a true gentleman and treated me to such a romantic and fun date night. Showing up at the door with a box of chocolates, card, and a Starbucks gift card (he knows me too well), was just the beginning. 

We put on our best and headed out to Mckinnon's- Buckhead's best creole restaurant that's been around for over 50+ years. The moment you walk in you're taken back in time. There was a live piano band, candlelit tables, and the waitstaff treated you with service that leaves you feeling like a celebrity, it didn't hurt that I was given a red rose after being seated. We LOVED the oysters rockefeller. They were incredible. 
Case and I each ordered Mckinnon's Grouper Lousianne; grouper prepared with browned almonds, lump crab, and hollandaise sauce. Shut the front door good. And of course this sweet lover had to finish with dessert. Can you say creme brulee?

Casey and I outside IMPROV Atlanta
But it didn't end there. He then took us to Improv Atlanta to see the late show featuring Illza Shlesinger. My stomach hurt so bad from laughing so hard. The room was intimate and we sat right up front. As if we didn't have enough food, we ordered an appetizer of Mac N Cheese. For those who are planning to check out Improv Atlanta, just want to give the friendly heads up that there is a two drink minimum - alcoholic or non, but to reach that minimum with non-alchoholic your coke will be $9 a piece, so word of advice reach your minimum the proper way. In total four comedians took the stage, each with a different style. Honestly, I can't wait to go back for another show. It was so funny and such a good twist on a typical date night.

That was my Friday's Valentine's day, Saturday's recap coming soon :). Basically, Saturday was my turn!

Hope your Valentine's was filled with lots of love!

Coming soon: Valentine's Recap Part II


  1. both that chocolate cream cake and you look DELICIOUS!!!!!! yum! :)


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