1st Birthday Cake

So my precious goddaughter Kenley just turned 1. I was so honored and excited to be the one to make her birthday cake. There were three cakes in total, the base was a lemon cake with raspberry filing, the top tier and her personal cake were both white wedding cake, and the entire thing was iced in fluffy buttercream icing. 

How cute is this picture? She was a little teary from being sick but still how precious

For the top tier:
I baked off two 6 inch white wedding cakes.
Let them cool. Piped a layer of buttercream between them. Dirty iced. Then iced with a nice layer of white vanilla buttercream. With my wilton plastic scrapper in one hand, i turned the cake completely to create the beveled edges. Then for the ruffle flower, I used the wilton rose technique. Obviously I just went a little petal happy.

For the base cake:
I baked off two 9" lemon cakes
Let them cool. Then I pipped a perimeter of icing along the top edge so that my filling wouldn't run out of the cake.
Added a layer of raspberry jam and fresh raspberries. Topped with the other lemon cake. Dirty iced. Then decorated using a large open star tip. I used the Ateco #7 open star tip to pipe the rosettes. Just give the bag a good steady amount of pressure, then pipe a spiral to form the rosette. Fill in any holes with 'bloops' of icing.

For Kenley's Cake:
This was a simple ruffle cake. Again bake off two 6 inch white wedding cakes. I used the same technique as the last ruffle cake!

These cakes were so simple to ice, and they tasted great - that's what really matters. The real trick was getting them all to the party in one piece.

For vanilla buttercream recipe click here
For ruffle cake tutorial click here
For white wedding cake recipe click here 


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