Despicable Me Cake

So I just turned 22, and yes I had a minion birthday cake. :)

I couldn't be more obsessed with Despicable Me. Both movies crack me up. So for my birthday, I asked my mom to make a minion cake - what better way to celebrate 21+1.  Being the rock star she is, the cake came out perfect!

The original directions come from Betty Crocker. But the cake is pretty easy to follow just from looking at it.

I am so happy that I asked for this cake; as it turns out my mom will be making another one this weekend. She volunteers for our Church's program called Family Promise. The Church houses families in need, but even more they prepare meals, hold resume and job seminars, and provide a multitude of resources to help families get back on their feet. It's a truly great program. This Saturday they will be having a Despicable Me movie night for the kids and my mom is going to surprise them with a minion cake :) I'm sure the little ones will love it just as much as I do! 

Also according to this Despicable Me Who's Who apparently my minion's name is Bob. I was sad to eat Bob, but at least he was delicious :) Despicable Me - A Who’s Who of the minions 

For a homemade birthday cake icing recipe click here

Who's your favorite Minion?


  1. Your mom is an awesome woman! I really admire what she's doing for her community. That is great. She also has awesome baking skills. This cake looks so fabulous! The details! Happy Birthday Doll and glad you enjoyed it! Birthdays are to be enjoyed.

  2. Kim you are so sweet. She truly is an amazing woman that I look up to. Thank you for all the sweet wishes.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is just too adorable! I LOVE minions! Haha and the movie is my all time favorite. :)


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