Little Black Dress Party

I hate to keep highlighting my birthday, but there were so many people who made it so special that I have to keep sharing!

For the party with my friends, my friend Shelby (confusing, I know) threw me the most amazing Little Black Dress Party.

I had told her that I wanted something low-key, but special. Well, she certainly made it special!

This is the invitation she created and sent out to the guests. (Please check out these awesome graduation announcements she's made too).

She then carried out the theme to create a glamorous table scape. She had little gold and glittered champagne bottles, rock candy stirrers, amazing appetizers, and these giant balloons that I am obsessed with.

My friend Alex made these cupcakes! Banana cake with cream cheese frosting - yummm!! 

Pretty amazing huh?

The plan was to have everyone over to the house for some wine then go eat at my favorite place ever, Antico's. It's a true Naples style pizzeria that's absolutely authentic and one of a kind. The atmosphere is incredible, there's no waiters, no glasses, no silverware. You order your pizza and try to find yourself a seat in the kitchen. If you're ever in Atlanta dining here is an absolute must! They were so sweet they even made me a heart shaped pizza!  

So thankful to have some many amazing people in my life


  1. That was really nice! She truly thought of everything and everyone looked gorgeous! Pizza, cupcakes and champagne!?! That's my kind of party! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Hah I love that last photo! Cap is creeping in the background!

    Is it bad that I have been craving Antico every night since? Can we please go back? Like tomorrow....

    So glad you had such a great birthday! Love you Shelbs!

  3. so sad I missed this! looks like tons of fun!

  4. Kim she really thinks things through to the detail! There have been so many times I've come home from a hard week to a cupcake or an inspirational quote waiting in my room!!

    Shelbs I'm dying to go back!! And that's cap in the wild lol

  5. I'm so sad you missed it too Vett! But hey I guess it's keeping our tradition alive lol


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