Football & Food

So I don't know about ya'll, but my weekend was spent with my friends and my man watching some football. When I say some, I mean it was the only thing on TV. And I LOVED it! If only my Falconis could have delivered, but hey next week #RiseUp.

Earlier in the week I saw an episode Trisha Yearwood's show on TV and I thought "Yup, all that, I'm making all of that this weekend (drool drool)."

I hauled my mini deep fryer, crockpot, and baking goods to Athens, Ga and went to work. Fried Chicken, Mac n Cheese, and Pecan pie, all scatch-made, were just a few courses we gorged on. I also had brought up a coffee cake & onion dip and chips for breakfast and snacks.

I am so mad at myself for not getting a picture of our plates, but it was all so good that we gobbled it up before the thought crossed my mind! Seriously this picture doesn't do it justice.

To Deep Fry a Chicken:
-Brine chicken overnight in the fridge by placing in a bowl, covering with water and 2+ Tablespoons of salt
-Pat chicken dry and bring to room temperature
-Heat oil to 375 degrees
-Salt and pepper chicken on both sides
-Bread in flour, shake off extra
-Place 2-3 pieces in frying basket (depending on size of fryer, being sure to not overcrowd fryer)
-Fry for 15 minutes
-Let sit on paper towels for 1-2 minutes
-Serve Warm

Helpful Tips for Frying Chicken:
-For better flavor and a moister chicken use only bone-in chicken. I only fry thighs and drumsticks because I think they taste the best and hold up better in the fryer. 
-Peanut Oil has a higher smoke point than Vegetable Oil, but will also slightly flavor the chicken; because of this I used a 50:50 mixture for frying
-Besides seasoning the chicken, add a little salt and pepper to the flour mixture
-Brine the chicken overnight to ensure the inside is just as yummy as the outside!
-When frying multiple batches, tent foil over your chicken, DO NOT cover tight, or else this will lead to soggy breading

Did your football team win this weekend? Were you making some awesome tailgating food?


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