French Macaroons

Currently, I'm Mad for Macaroons!

I've seen them on Sex and The City, all over Pinterest, and even gracing the pages of magazines, but I admit I had never had a french macaroon before.

Last week while shopping around Lenox Mall, I stopped by a cart called the Macaroon Queen. The clerk was a quirky and beautiful woman with Katy Perry-esque features. She had macaroons glued to her uniform from head to skirt. I felt like I fell into the California Girls music video. Who better to make such a fun and bright little treat?

I decided that her macaroons would be my first - and goodness gracious they were delicious.

For $3.95 I got a bag of 3 macaroons: coconut, chocolate, and strawberry shortcake. She had a multitude of other flavors including raspberry, vanilla, pistachio, salted caramel, and more.

They were crispy, yet chewy and the filling was full of flavor! I hope I'm not too spoiled by my first macaroons. The Macaroon Queen certainly set the bar high. Seriously, I now have a regular craving for those little bite size pieces of heaven.

If you're ever in Atlanta, Ga be sure to go to Lenox Mall and visit the Macaroon Queen yourself!


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