Sweet Bread French Toast

This is one of two french toast recipes we make in my house. It's thick and fluffy while the outside gets perfectly crispy golden brown. Because the bread in pan fried, they hold up extremely well on a platter and are just as good heated up the next day - that is if there are even left overs!

There's not too much to making these slices of heaven other than not being stingy with the crisco; the melted crisco should be enough to cover half the wedge of bread.

 This french toast is the perfect star for any brunch or holiday gathering. Start by slicing the hawaiian sweet bread loaf into 1" wedges.
 Whisk all the ingredients (save for the crisco) in a bowl.
 With the crisco melted and hot, dip the bread into the batter and fry each side until golden brown. About 2-3 minutes each side.
 Top with powder sugar. For this brunch, I wanted to highlight fall notes so I topped the french toast with baked apples and salted caramel sauce.

 Voila! Hope you enjoy :)

Styling {via} SomethingSouthern


  1. Mmm I love french toast! It looks delicious with the apples and caramel sauce!

    The Tiny Heart


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