Italian Sunday Supper

Every Sunday night my family does a big homestyle dinner. But every few weeks all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and second cousins get together to have game night and an even bigger family dinner. On a good night there are about 15 of us getting together. We play games, laugh with the babies, and of course we eat.

This past Sunday we had a true Italian feast –everything was scratch made. Spenser made veal Bolognese; mom made marinara and stuffed cheese shells and an Italian salad with garbanzo beans, garlic vinaigrette, red onion, and tomatoes; Holly and James made garlic bread and peas with prosciutto; Aunt Lindsey made tiramisu; Erika and Mike put together an anti-pasta board with prosciutto and salami roll ups with goat cheese and walnut filling; the Comeauxs brought over cannoli’s; and I made fresh spaghetti and pasta ribbons – do you think we had enough food?

Oh yeah and Erika fixed us up some Peach Bellini’s. So yummy.

While the babies ran around and played, the adults played a game of our own! This is a great family game. It’s easy to understand and the source of so many laughs. A quick overview of it is there are 5 possible modes to get your team to guess a clue: clay, charades, letter dice, humming, and drawing. The opposing team ranks the modes in order from most hard to least – the harder the mode the more tokens your team wins if they correctly guess the clue. You then choose your mode and go from there! I couldn’t believe the answers people were able to guess. My clues were “rabbit” and “supply” and Holly immediately answered “Energizer Bunny” . One mind I tell ya.

Recipes to follow from our family night!


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