Football & Food Pt. 2

So I mentioned in my Football & Food post that Sunday I had made a pecan pie. Oh boy it was perfection. I used to use the basic pecan pie that everybody and their mama knows - the one with Karo Corn Syrup. But Trisha Yearwood had me sold when she put a stick of butter into hers. So I gave it a shot and oh my goodness it was perfection!

One thing to note, surprisingly at the Publix here in Georgia I could only find chopped pecans, so I didn't get to make the pretty pecan halves topping. I thought it wouldn't make much of a difference though. The one thing I think it would have helped with besides aetesthics was slicing the pie. The top of the pie gets a little bit of a crumbly sugary crust, while the inside is gooey and wonderful. Those pecan halves would have held it together a little more.

Seriously though, you have to make this pie. Click here to get her recipe.

It's honestly a one bowl which is what I love the most.

Whisk eggs and both sugars together, then the butter.

Then stir in your pecans, vanilla, I add a pinch of salt, flour, and milk

Pour into your shell and bake!

My pie took a little longer than 55 minutes to bake. You really want to make sure that the center is jiggly, the rest should be firm. Picture a big grapefruit in the center of your pie - that part can be jiggly but the rest needs to be set before you pull it out of the oven.

For the crust I used my go to Cuisinart pie crust recipe, but this could have easily been made with a store-bought crust in a pinch. I recommend Pillsbury or Marie Calenders frozen Crust.


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