Holiday Brunch

With fall here and Thanksgiving//Christmas approaching, there's nothing I love more than food that warms me up. Shelby, from SomethingSouthern, and I decided to share brunch together this past weekend. I made the meal while she carried out the decor and tablescape. Both of which were done to perfection (if I do say so myself). I was taken aback when I saw how beautiful our kitchen looked.

On the Menu:
Hawaiian Sweet Bread French Toast 
             topped with Baked Apples and Salted Caramel Sauce
& Homemade Chai Tea Lattes 

These recipes are so easy to make and are especially great for entertaining guests. I'll be sure to follow up with tips on buying and baking and step by step instructions for all the awesome things you see here. For more inspiration on the design and styling an event as beautiful as this one, read Shelby's post here. Hope you throw a brunch with your friends and family to celebrate being together.

Sweet Bread French Toast

French Toast topped with Baked Apples & Salted Caramel (center) Chai Tea Latte (right) Baked Apples in Mason Jars (right)
*All photography by Shelby Remer

Be sure to check back for full recipes!
Recipe for french toast here 
Recipe for Chai Tea Latte here


  1. y'all are too cute! looks so yummy and pretty!

  2. that french toast looks soooo good! i love the table setting. my front door wreath has burlap in it. i love it. so beautiful!


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